Welcome to Covision Management Consulting

We assist our clients in driving innovation and change in their organisations, while taking into account business, digital technology and organisational culture.

Covision Management Consultants specialize in accelerating innovation and facilitating organizational change in large companies and institutions, both in the Netherlands, where we are based, and internationally. The purpose of such changes is to define and implement effective and competitive business solutions.

Covision is characterised by its continuous search for new challenges, rather than pursuing trivial problems. We are interested in assisting in the implementation of (disruptive) innovation and (radical) changes, while taking into account the risks involved. We are devoted to creating success, which for us means seeing our advice implemented and the client reaping the benefits.


We help to define an integrated approach to strategy, processes, technology, structure, people and culture, while assessing the dynamics of the situation.


We refer to the quote of Marcel Proust: ``The real art of discovery consists not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes``

Committed & Passionate

Successful projects are created by committed and passionate teams in which both the client and ourselves participate


High-tech start-ups and scale-ups


IT organisations


Ministries and municipalities


Inspection Authorities
Meat sector


Agricultural sector


Insurance companies & Pension funds